How to Get to the Most of Out of Lymphatic Massage

April 1, 2017

First off, let’s recap what a lymphatic massage is: a lymphatic massage is a therapeutic massage focused on gentle, meditative strokes to help the body drain toxins and buildup of waste (if you just want to book a session, click here).


When we’re stressed, tense, or overworked, our immune system tends to take a toll on itself. Draining your lymphatic system allows our lymph vessels to clear toxic buildup for improved circulation. Some benefits include lowered pain levels, reduced swelling and relief for muscle tension. Quite often though, some people fail to take the next step to get the most out of their lymphatic massage. What’s the next step? Well, it’s easy!

Stay Hydrated. Upon completion of your massage session, you may feel a little light headed and tired. Though it’s tempting to just go home and take a nap or relax, it’s also easy to forget to drink water. Water is definitely important for everyday hydration, but it’s has a bigger impact on your body after a lymphatic massage. To ensure that toxins get cleared from your body and your lymphatic system maintains proper circulation, staying hydrated is a necessity. If you have trouble with maintaining proper hydration, contact me your concerns and I’d be happy to help!

Another tip to advance the benefits of your lymphatic massage would be to come into the session already hydrated. Of course, feel free to use the restroom beforehand (I don’t mind!). Yet maintaining hydration also helps me to manipulate the flow of your lymph fluids much easier, and it’s possible to get more significant results.


quoteStay Hydrated  endquote


It’s important that my clients feel better after my sessions, and a huge part of feeling better involves proper hydration. You can do your part in improving your results by just drinking a water bottle or some herbal tea to help your body flush itself of toxins. If you have had a lymphatic massage before and stayed hydrated, do you notice a difference? Maybe you felt different when you were dehydrated? I’d love to know, so please feel free to share or you can contact me for questions. If you’d like to book a session, click here for my online scheduler.

Happy hydrating!

Molina, the PT