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5 Techniques for a Self- Lymphatic Massage

April 15, 2017

Lymphatic massages has a huge impact on the health of your lymphatic system and the strength of your immune system. Proper cycling of lymph fluid throughout your body ensures that toxins are flushed out and buildup is removed.

In today’s modern world, however, the emotional and physical stress of our lives can cause trouble for our lymphatic system. In those moments, our body tends to retain more toxins and lymph fluid than it needs to, and this can cause other systems within your body to not function as effectively. Already know you need a full lymphatic massage? Click here to book a session with me.


While you watch the clip on manual lymph drainage techniques, follow these 5 tips to help bring you closer to a healthier lymphatic system:

 Warm Up Your Neck

    • If you’ve ever played sports, you know you shouldn’t miss a warm-up. The objective is to drain any congestion down your neck so you can relieve your lymphatic system of toxins and buildup. Start with upward diagonal strokes at the Venus angle, and work your way down from the top of your neck. Keep following along and soon you might be feeling some congestion begin to move downwards.

Gentle, but Stern Pressure

  • Lymph drainage techniques are all about moving lymph fluid through your body for proper circulation. When we think of a typical massage, we tend to think that the pressure should be fairly strong and firm. When it comes to a lymphatic massage, however, you want to gently ease the flow of the lymph fluid out. Your lymph vessels are not buried far under the skin, so light and swift movements are ideal.

Live Long, and Prosper

  • Have you ever heard of the Vulcan salute? Well Google it, because this sci-fi gesture is going to help relieve your lymphatic buildup. Place your hands on your ears, but make sure your ear is between your forefinger and middle finger. Massage downward, and prosper.

Count Your 1, 2, 3’s

  • Keeping track of your strokes is the first step to giving a better manual lymph drainage massage. Massage strokes should be evenly distributed so you’re giving the same level of attention on each side. Try your best to count while you practice, soon it’ll be by memory!

Wave Out those Wrinkle-Prone Spots

  • Lymphatic massaging can accelerate the discharge of toxins and excess fluids while delaying or reducing the appearance of wrinkles. In areas like under the eyes or the forehead, you can create a wave or flutter-like motion since these areas respond well with lighter pressure. If it’s more comfortable to do stroking motions, then that still works!

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Whether you are trying to strongly manage your lymphatic system circulation or just feel a little clogged up, this video on self-techniques can help alleviate some of the symptoms you might be feeling. Though this video mostly focuses on your upper body’s lymph system, you’re welcome to schedule a session with me for a full body lymph drainage massage. At our session, I’d be happy to answer your questions and demonstrate these same techniques in-person if you’re having trouble doing them on your own. Also remember, drink a lot of water afterwards to get the maximum benefit of your lymphatic massage.

Happy draining!

Molina, the PT