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3 Tips for the massaging out tension headaches

March 15, 2017

Tension headaches occur when your neck and/or scalp muscles become tight, restricted in motion, or overly contracted. This video can guide you through the right techniques to relieve tension headaches on your own, so you can bring your body and mind into relaxation. These methods are not to be confused as relief for migraines, brain freezes, cluster or orgasm headaches (yes, they exist!). If you rather come in to be seen to relieve your tension, whether from a headache or another type of muscle ache, you can book a session with me online! Just click here for a list of services and times available.

This video is meant to guide you in the right direction to relieve mild tension headaches on your own. As you follow along, here are some important tips to keep in mind while you practice these movements:

  1. Get Comfortable
    • During this massage, try to be thoughtful about your posture. Maybe you’re at home or at the office, maintaining good posture can help enhance benefits of these techniques. With your feet on the ground and with a straight, but relaxed spine, you’ll be ready to get rid of those tension headaches.
  2. Use Light Strokes
    • So what does “light” mean? An easy way to remember is to pretend you’re pushing a penny across a table. How much pressure did you use? Use your muscle memory to mimic that same pressure throughout these massage strokes.
  3. Count Your 1, 2, 3’s
    • Keeping track of your strokes is the first step to giving a better massage. Massage strokes should be evenly distributed so your muscles are getting the same level of attention on each side. Try your best to count while you practice, soon it’ll be by memory!

quoteTension headaches occur when your neck and/or scalp muscles become tight…  endquote


If you keep these tips and guidelines in mind, it will be easier to find relief for your tension headaches through the techniques demonstrated. If you find that you are still unable to get the relief you need, please feel free to schedule me for an evaluation or a massage to address your tension.


Best of Health,

Molina, the PT